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Author:  SilverstoneWolf [ Sun Sep 23, 2018 7:41 pm ]
Post subject:  JUST GOT BACK - Man Ure

Well - actually, not... But if no-one who did is going to report....

Just to say that I got back from London in time to record the WHOLE game on Sky at 8.30pm (thanks to someone on here alerting me). Watched before MotD. Great stuff - but oh to have been there! instead my younger son and his mate had my 2 away season tickets, so at least the younger generation can tell THEIR grandchildren about the great days of the 2015-2025 climb from third tier to European glory!!! (Just as I have had to listen to my dearly departed grandad (STH from 1935-1961) and dad about the glory days of Major Buckley, Cullis, Mullen, Hancox, Wright.....), and MY kids have been told of the exploits of Broadbent, Knowles, Bailey, Waggy, Bully, Hibbitt....

Not the same when you know the result. Watch the game with a silly grin, instead of the usual anguished groans, and strangled cheers, and bitten nails....

Hey ho!

Well done boys. Fabulous performance (although to be honest, i thought we have played better at times in last 3 weeks! Our passing was a bit 'off target' at times.

but great to see Costa back to confident self, running at Shaw - and roasting him. And Jota finally looking like he has coe to terms with this division and BELIEVES he belongs.

Trust me - the goals WILL COME. We are going to relax and score a load VERY soon!

Enjoy the ride.

See you after Southampton and Palace games!

Author:  lankywolf [ Sun Sep 23, 2018 9:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: JUST GOT BACK - Man Ure

Hey Silver, I was one of the lucky 3,000 to witness it in person. I came away slightly disappointed that we didn't get the win to tell the truth. We really are one heck of a side at the moment. It really is hard to comprehend the transformation from 18 months ago. Truly world class players strutting their stuff at Old Trafford normally don red shirts. But yesterday they were wearing the famous Wolves crest (if not the gold shirts).

The back 3/5 were superb. Lukaku barely had a sniff, just one header in the 2nd half which he really should have buried. Even if it was on target you almost expect Patricio to pull off a worldy to keep it out as he did crucially with Fred's harshly awarded free kick just before the break. And Ryan Bennett continues to be a revelation of Conor Coady proportions this season.

The midfield pair must be one of the most accomplished in the world. Yes THE WORLD! Energy, tenacity, movement, distribution, goals. They've got the lot.

Then the front 3 really are starting to look the real deal. I think it's safe to say now that Helder Costa has successfully stepped up to this level. He ran Luke Shaw ragged all afternoon. Jota still not quite at Costa's level but looked as though he is starting to believe he belongs on this stage and Jiminez worked his knackers off and despite a few iffy touches here and there got himself the assist.

Old Trafford is a very impressive arena and a proper football ground. For atmosphere it's definitely one of the better away ends and we had plenty to shout about. Just can't wait for the next game now. Bring on Leicester and let our fringe players show us that we don't even need to worry about the odd injury.

It surely doesn't get much better than this.
Or does it???

Author:  hugh jarse [ Mon Sep 24, 2018 7:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: JUST GOT BACK - Man Ure

Great reading.

Strange how we are becoming the best in the business since getting rid of “the best in the business “.

Author:  knocker knowles [ Mon Sep 24, 2018 7:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: JUST GOT BACK - Man Ure

hugh jarse wrote:
Great reading.

Strange how we are becoming the best in the business since getting rid of “the best in the business “.

I would say our current off field team could prove to be the best in the business.

I see Steve Morgan was a guest of Jeff at Old Trafford.

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