Just Got Back - Brighton
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Author:  SilverstoneWolf [ Mon Oct 29, 2018 11:42 am ]
Post subject:  Just Got Back - Brighton

No review of Saturday can ignore the tragic events in Leicester, the death of an elderly fan at Brighton, and the heart attack of Glenn Hoddle. But life and the Premier goes on. Hopefully the so-called 'football family' can support one and all who are suffering.

And speaking of fans being less tribal and more collegial, great to hear not a single homophobic 'amusing' chant from our travelling supporters. Well done all! Great to finally meet up with SEL too - although him sitting in the Brighton end prevented a drink ... that'll have to wait till another time!

Well - another lovey weekend away in Brighthelmstone. Took in the amazing Brighton Pavilion on the Sunday too. All glitz and glitter, but sold off as an extravagance by Queen Victoria in mid 19th century. Couldn't help but wonder if this wasn't an allegory re Wolves. The architect - and George IV - were keen on illusions. So are Wolves at present.

We wove pretty patterns and were excellent generally on the eye, but the illusion of dominance was cruelly exposed as 'glister' rather than gold, with another failure to find the net.

Yes - we can justifiably moan that Doc should have had a penalty, and the save by Ryan from Bennett near the end was 'royal' class, but we are simply not showing enough guile to convert dominance into real chances.

Where have the clever runs in between defenders gone? Where have the quick and sharp interchange of passes in the final third gone that were so prevalent last year? Why has the link-up play of Jimenez and Bonatini been replaced with just marking the centre half?

Nuno just HAS to work on the front guys and restore the confidence to pass and move, pass and move, pass and move. Why bung crosses into the box when we never look like getting headers on target? Why not do something more creative with corners? Why not try something OTHER than hope Neves will give us another wonder free-kick? (And but for the fortunate flick on the Brighton head, we would have been celebrating another!)

Really enjoyable to watch, BUT I don't want to become a team that opposition sides LOVE to watch and admire our style, but then beat us. Winning ugly is occasionally desired!

Still in top half, but we need a win or confidence will start to drain.

Patricio - 6 - nothing to do.
Bennett - 7 - solid, and very nearly scored (oh if he'd hit slightly harder, or slightly more to side....)
Coady - 7 - marshalled things effectively
Boly - 7 - solid (but exposed for pace on the turn a couple of times) and decided to start to surge (not quite the Stearman-surge, but getting there!) to good effect.
Doc - 8 - so unlucky. So much attacking threat comes from him, it must be starting to embarrass the attackers!
Moutinho - 7 - much better
Neves - 8 - better - and unlucky with free kick. Together they completely ran midfield.
Jonny - 7 - solid, and some good forays.
Costa - 7 - jinking runs. BUT we need to see far more quality end product, and shots on target.
Jimenez - 5 - least effective game so far. A shame. Could have exploited space behind big CHs
Traore - 6 - so much to offer, but so frustrating. Not sure if he knows where he iOS going or what he is going to do, so fellow forwards have no idea where to run. Suspect he will always be better as an 'impact sub' than someone you build a pattern of play around.

Jota, Cav both came on and looked sharp. But we too often just run and run with the ball. Where has the interplay of last year gone? Bonatini - no time to have impact.

Oh well - an enjoyable weekend just ruined by Brighton keeper.....

Author:  THE BIG BAD WOLF [ Mon Oct 29, 2018 12:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Just Got Back - Brighton

Worth remembering when we signed Jonny the Spanish football people said great player but not good enough going forward to be a WB. The wide forwards also really need to contribute more goals. That said Nuno's teams haven't ever been known for their attacking play so it is not surprising we are solid and thus goal shy.

Been a bit of a reality check recently, two tough games coming up against the north London giants until we get Huddersfield at home.

Author:  SELWolf [ Mon Oct 29, 2018 1:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Just Got Back - Brighton

SilverstoneWolf wrote:

Oh well - an enjoyable weekend just ruined by Brighton keeper.....

Nuff said about the match; nice to meet both you and Mrs Silver, Mr Silver. :wink:

Author:  knocker knowles [ Mon Oct 29, 2018 5:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Just Got Back - Brighton

Silver wrote.

Nuno just HAS to work on the front guys and restore the confidence to pass and move, pass and move, pass and move.

Highlighting the key performance area requiring improvement.

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