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 Post subject: Zimbabwe
 Post Posted: Sat Nov 18, 2017 11:00 am 

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I have just listened to a debate on the radio where "Informed, educated" politically correct luvvies claim that the United Kingdom had a duty to send money to Zimbabwe as well as physical help to get the country back to the perceived "correct" form of Government.

Racist bastards !!!

Are they demanding the same to help inner city USA ? Are they ready to step in when the Labour Government in New Zealand bring chaos to their economy ? And why aren't we sending help every time Australia has an election ? Is it because no matter what happens in these ex-colonies they are not failed African States ?

The net is awash with ex-Rhodies blaming the UK for their ex-countries predicament. It is quite bizarre that these stormtroopers now join with our own pinko-liberals in blaming The UK for all the woes of their world.

Yes the UK plotted to bring an end to white rule in Rhodesia, a plot welcomed by the vast majority of Africans in that country, and a policy positively drooled over by pinko-liberals the world over. Yes we forced elections on that country and forced a white minority to except democratically elected, dare I say black leadership. Again the pinko world rejoiced and a net-exporting garden of eden was left for it's "people" to govern. That governance has left markets once teeming with food, empty. That leadership has feathered the nests of a very small Moscowesque black elite, while the majority of the poor folk who voted them in starve. Beautiful farm land laid to waste by enforced collectivisation with the choicest morsels saved for the politicians so loved by the UN, their murderous leader was about to be made a fooking peace envoy !!!!!

The UK did not instigate the systematic rape, murder and subsequent theft of the white farmers homes. A policy, by the way, which caused dancing in the streets in the new capital; with a socialist system lauded by guess who ? (ask Knocker). The UK did not vote for the same despot year after year, now underpinned totally by China, a country which somehow has taken over the countries infrastructure but is never bought to task for "their" economic aim which is to rape what's left ( is it because they're not white ? )

Why is the UK now responsible ?

What would these same pinkos have said if as soon as the Mugabe clan showed it's true colours we would have stepped in to dispose him and bring back sanity to the country ? I'll tell you what they would have shouted, "Racists" would have been the call. How dare we not support white farmers being massacred. How dare we not support an elected African country descending into a murderous chaos of it's own making........yarda yarda

For Gawd's sake, will the BBC stop !!!!!!

We are not responsible. They are. They and every other idiot who supported and stood up for these murdering bastards.

Rant over.

Dyslexics lives mattress

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 Post subject: Re: Zimbabwe
 Post Posted: Mon Nov 20, 2017 9:13 am 
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Its all up to the Chinese, but unfortunately the USA now views Africa as having strategic importance.

For some of us life is not about self interest.

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